Anasa Wellness & Spa therapists are aestheticians certified by the state, who adhere to professional ethics, hotel confidentiality and transparency. They receive continuous training and specialization on the treatments they offer.


Call (+30) 2247035047 (Anasa Wellness & Spa reception) / +30 2247032800 (Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa reception) or send an e-mail at spa@patmosaktis.gr.

Access to people

Anasa Wellness & Spa has the ability to host a wide variety of people, from infants to elderly people. Pregnant women over 12 weeks may receive services after consulting their personal doctor. People under the age of 14 are obliged to be escorted until the end of the therapy. In addition, facilities are inviting for people who face difficulties with mobility, sight or hearing and all staff is appropriately trained.


Please arrive at the spa area 15’ earlier than your scheduled appointment, so that you may fill in your medical history, prepare and blend in.

Delayed arrival

In case of a late arrival, your preselected therapy will be terminated at the expected time, with a full charge. After a 15’ delay and in cases of increased demand, your appointment is likely to be covered by another traveler.


In case of a cancellation up to 24 hours earlier than your scheduled appointment, there is no charge. In case of a cancellation during the same day, you are charged a 50% of your therapy.

Dress code

Ideally, we suggest comfortable clothes. We provide you with all the necessary items during your visit in our facilities: personal locker, slippers, bathrobe, towels, disposable underwear, bath caps, shampoo and shower gel. If you wish to use foot care services, please choose an open footwear. If you are getting a body waxing, wear lightweight clothes. There is a chance they might get dirty.

Food & drink

You may find water and some beverages into the spa premises. Alcohol and food are available in the rest of the hotel areas.

Mobile phones & similar devices

The spa area constitutes an altar of relaxation and release from stressors. Therefore, in case you enter carrying electronic devices, please keep them switched off, or if you wish to use them please keep them either in vibration mode or mute. The use of headphones is considered mandatory.

Loss of items

In case of a loss regarding electronic devices, jewelry and other valuables, Anasa Wellness & Spa does not bare any responsibility. All staff is governed by ethical values and is required to assist with the loss of the item(s).

Return of retail products

We accept returns in retail products, within three days. All items must be sealed. They may be exchanged with Anasa Wellness & Spa products of equal value or with a coverage of the difference when buying a more expensive product. In case you purchase a product of lower value, there is no refund. Demonstration of the receipt is necessary.

Payment methods

Anasa Wellness & Spa has a POS machine. You can also pay for the services you aquire in cash (euro €), by using a bank check or for our travelers, with a room charge. 

For our loved ones

Our loved ones deserve the best and we make sure of that. Anasa Wellness & Spa offers gift cards, which you may get from premises or website. Attractive packages and retail products are also available to ensure moments of tranquility.