Body treatments

Scrub addiction
Body exfoliation with jasmine, honey or salt crystals with sea lavender. Immediate rejuvenation, detoxification of the skin and enhancement of a consistent tanning.
Deep hydrating
Perfect combination of a body massage using plant oils with the placement of a marine-minerals mask. Deeply moisturizes and relieves the skin.
Royal honey
Holistic beauty experience including anti-aging care with fresh royal jelly and honey. It regenerates, revitalizes and nourishes even the most demanding skin.
Aegean waves
Natural exfoliation with sea salt and lavender that rejuvenates the skin, followed by a moisturizing mud mask for deep hydration. Heated shells massage in the end boosts this rare wellness experience.
Rose & pepper
With rose and pepper, to reduce unnecessary points and deeply detoxify the body. Ideally, four to six treatments are recommended.
1. Cellulite
For effective and painless decrease of cellulite.
2. Firming
Reducing cellulite, with firming effects.
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