Face treatments

Mediterranean skin food
Based on the nutritional and antioxidant ingredients of the Mediterranean nutrition, it provides skin freshness, hydration and rejuvenation.
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Cleanse & detox
Deep cleansing and treatment to regulate grease and unnecessary sebum, with clay and olive grains. It also includes lymphatic drainage.
Bee radiant
A hydration and shine treatment with orange stem cells which directly activates fibroblasts, producing natural collagen and elastin, resulting in firmer and gentler skin. Accompanied by volcanic stone massage for further relaxation.
New queen bee firming
The ultimate anti-aging facial treatment, inspired by the bee's dance. Royal jelly and honey restore cellular communication and act as antioxidants, offering the utmost elixir of youth. Royal jelly offers firmness and elasticity while honey moisturizes and provides shine.
Revitalizing eye treatment
Anti-aging and decongestant treatment, which addresses effectively signs of fatigue in the eyes. Special massage in this area enhances circulation, offering brightness in the look.